Narmadaben Charitable Foundation (NCF)

Your second home, since 1984  

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Like most monuments, Narmadaben Charitable Foundation (NCF) is also the child of a dream - that of Founder President Bhupatray Mehta. In his mid-thirties, on November 13th 1980, he established the NCF Trust in the name of his grandmother Narmadaben with a desire to make a difference to the life of the elderly. Currently, the Trust runs two Homes for the elderly at CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai. In both these Homes, residents are charged for their stay such that the Homes are run on a No Profit No Loss basis.

   Narmada Niketan : Our first Home, a building constructed on a plot of 3000 sq m to accommodate 50 mobile senior citizens with boarding facility, a satsang hall for prayers and common gatherings, in the center a temple of Lord Radha Krishna and a clinic for residents.

   Vishram Dham : Our second Home, a building constructed on a plot of 6000 sq m to accommodate 150 mobile senior citizens with boarding facility. It also includes a spacious auditorium (Mangal sabhagruh) to accommodate 500 people, and vast halls which are envisioned to be given to other organizations for carrying out related activities in line with the objects of the NCF Trust. It has various sections like Arogya Dham and Home for the Aged for accommodating elderly residents.

Currently, over 90 mobile, senior citizen residents are enjoying the facilities at both the Homes. Within the Vishram Dham premises, NCF Trust has also provided space to another organization (called Parijatha) to provide boarding facilities for immobile aged. As of now, about 60-70 immobile senior citizen residents are staying here.

We have a vision to expand the facilities we provide and be more effective in serving the cause of the elderly. For the same, your help is needed. Check out our "Help us / Donate" link for more details. Feel free to call us if you are interested in chipping in!

Ably supported by the other Trustees - Shri Subhash Pingle, Shri Nagindas Mehta and Shri Dr. Jairaj as well as ex-Trustees Shri Hasmukhrai M Mehta, Late Shri T N Chandran, Late Ms Nirupamaben Vasavada (fondly called 'Didi'), there have been several milestones in this eventful journey from dream to realization....

  • Oct 02, 1984: Narmada Niketan started with facilities for 18 senior citizen residents
  • Dec 20, 1984: Dispensary started at Narmada Niketan with free consultation services for the residents
  • May 11, 1985: Inauguration of Radha Krishna temple at the center of Narmada Niketan for residents and local people
  • Oct 19, 1986: Library opened at Narmada Niketan with subscriptions to newspapers in different languages, Satsang Hall - a common hall for various social activities equipped with TV and video facilities
  • Oct 2, 1992: Land admeasuring 6000 sq m and adjoining Narmada Niketan purchased from CIDCO for constructing Vishram Dham
  • Oct 2, 1995: Vishram Dham constructed. Arogya Dham and Home for the Aged sections started

In this bitter-sweet journey (mostly sweet!), there were a few starts we made which did not survive the tests of time for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, these were still an unalienable part of our memories and have made us wiser.

  • Oct 19, 1986:Care Center inaugurated for immobile aged people with round-the-clock services of doctor, physiotherapist, nurses, aayas, wardboys available. (This Center received very good response for about a decade before it was discontinued - We did not prefer labour unionization within our Homes)
  • Feb 9, 1992: A pathology Center was opened for providing services to our residents as well as local people. (Though it provided services at a nominal rate, the center didn't get enough response from the local people - Marketing ourselves to the local doctors did not fit with our objectives)

Its amazing what can be accomplished if no one cares who gets the credit    - Anonymous



Narmada Niketan & Vishram Dham, Plot No. 2, Sector No. 8, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400702

Registered Office: 10 Rajshree Palace, Khimji Lane, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai 400 077

Landlines: Narmada Niketan +91 22 2757 1555; Vishram Dham +91 22 2757 8754

Cells: President Bhupatray J. Mehta +91 98209 80590 or Rahul B. Mehta +91 98202 56689