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Admission Rules for both Homes (Narmada Niketan as well as Vishram Dham) - Note that the Homes take in only mobile senior citizens

For getting the Conduct Code in Hindi script, click here

Criteria: (a) Male applicants should be of more than 60 years of age and female applicants should be more than 55 years of age. (b) Should not have contracted any contagious diseases (c) Should be mobile and able to take care of themselves

Admission Time: Every evening 4.00 pm to 5.30 pm

Visitors' Hours: Every morning 10.00 am to 11.15 am and every afternoon 1.00 pm and 5.45 pm

Other info: Admission form (Rs 10/-) needs to be filled up for admission; If s/he so desires, the residents are free to be a member of the Residents' Association through which the extra cash held by the residents could be kept in the custody of the Trust thereby ensuring safety.

Conduct Code for Residents once admitted: (a) Admission is provided initially for 3 months irrespective of the duration requested. Later it is extended on request. (b) Each applicant goes through a physical examination by the Trust's doctor. On satisfactory reports based on criteria mentioned above, admission is given. (c) Please see the "Tariff" link for the monthly charges and deposit (d) Applicant and his/her relatives would have to sign on a bond paper at the time of admission (e) Residents can take short leaves from their stay in the Homes. However, they would not be refunded for their absence from the Homes. (f) All residents would have to follow the Conduct Code and comply with the regulations of the Manager(s) / Administrator(s). On non-compliance of the Conduct Code, Manager(s) / Administrator(s) have the right to ask the resident to leave the Homes' premises. If the Trustees find that any resident's behaviour is not in tune with the Conduct Code and the objects of the Trust, they may give a written notice to the resident to vacate their rooms and leave the Homes' premises within a week. (g) Residents need to carry the items of their personal consumption (for e.g. toileteries like toothbrush, toothpaste, hairoil, washing soap & detergent, bathing soap, clothes, other hobby items like books, cassette players, CD players, etc.) (h) Consumption of alcohol or any intoxicants like smoking or any form of tobacco within the Homes premises is not permitted (g) Residents are advised not to keep lots of cash or expensive items or jewelry with them in the rooms. Generally, the Homes have security personnel of their own and jaywalkers are not allowed. However, in case of any mishap, the unfortunate loss of any expensive item/s belonging to the residents would not be the resposibility of the Homes and the Trust. (h) Residents should not cook in their rooms (i) Unless they have opted for room service (available at a nominal costs), residents are advised to consume the meals and snacks inside the dining hall/s and not carry it to their rooms (j) It is the responsbility of the residents to keep their rooms and surroundings clean. Please do not engage in activities that would spoil the cleanliness at the Homes. (k) Residents are advised to direct their complaints to the Manager(s) / Administrator(s) and not the other employees or contract workers. Residents may even articulate their complaints to the Trustee(s) in written form. These could be provided to them in person whenever they visit the Homes or mailed to the Registered Office address. (l) Volume of radio, transistor, tape recorder, CD player or any other instrument should be kept at a reasonable level so as to not disturb others around you (m)  Residents may step out of the Homes' premises for a short duration to take a walk or visit nearby places only after informing the Manager(s) / Administrator(s). At the time of leaving their rooms, residents should lock their rooms after switching off all the lights and ensuring that the taps are shut tight. (n) In case of residents being in ill-health or physically unwell, they should inform the Manager(s) / Administrator(s) immediately who would in turn ensure that the residents' relatives are made aware of the same through phone or mail as applicable. (o) In case of the unfortunate event of serious illness or eventual death of any resident, the Manager(s) / Administrator(s) would inform the same to the relatives of the resident(s) as mentioned in the bond paper signed by the resident(s)/relative(s) at the time of application. In case the relatives do not reach the Homes within 8 hours of the unfortunate event of death, the Trust would initiate and proceed with the cremation rituals (p) Residents are free to bring their own gadgets and white goods (like TV, refrigerators,etc) to their rooms. They would obviously need to pay for the service charges (for e.g. cable charges) to the respective service providers. They might also have to pay some nominal charges to the Homes/Trust towards the same (for e.g. nominal charges are levied for refrigerator by the Homes). (q) Residents should wash their own clothes, keep their rooms clean, fill their own water for drinking as well as hot water for bathing, clean the utensils as well as keep their toilet/lavoratory clean. These services are also provided at a nominal cost in case requested (r) The Trust / Homes have the full right to change the Conduct Code and rules from time to time

Facilities and Rules for any camps: There is a facility for accommodating up to 25 people for residential camps like meditation camps, reiki, children activities, summer camps, etc. Organizations interested for the same would be provided with a spacious hall with microphone/public address system, food - beverages - snacks facilities for the campers, chairs - tables for stage and audience. The camp could be for a period of 1 to 7 days. For organizing such a camp, contact the Homes at the phone numbers listed (+91 22 2757 1555 or +91 22 2757 8754)

Note: Within the Homes run by the Trust, we do not have facilities for immobile aged. However, as a part of our encouragement to old-age related initiatives, we have provided our premises to another organization ('Parijatha' which serves immobile aged. Understandably, their tariff and facilities would be quite different from what we offer. If you want to contact them, you could call up our Homes (+91 22 27571555) and ask us for their contact details.




Narmada Niketan & Vishram Dham, Plot No. 2, Sector No. 8, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400 702

Registered Office: 10 Rajshree Palace, Khimji Lane, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai 400 077


Landlines: Narmada Niketan +91 22 2757 1555; Vishram Dham +91 22 2757 8754

Cells: President Bhupatray J. Mehta +91 98209 80590 or Rahul B. Mehta +91 98202 56689