Narmadaben Charitable Foundation (NCF)

Your second home, since 1984  

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Our objective


To provide an ambience of hygiene, silence and safety for the inmates who stay at our homes… To encourage and facilitate the inmates to explore activities & hobbies which keep them creatively and constructively occupied… To be a hub of activities and services that keep our inmates smiling and having fun …




 Our reason to be

For the past few decades, with advances in medical science and with growing urbanization, there has been a tremendous increase in the senior citizen population in our country. The rapid increase in globally spread families; nuclear families and utilitarian mindset of modern Indians have also contributed to the need to take care of our senior citizens. We recognized this trend way back in 1980. A home for senior citizens provides an alternative for the unmarried, widowed or childless lonely seniors or for those whose children are abroad. It provides them a secure environment with companionship with the like-aged and like-minded, and frees them of the hassle of day-to-day routine of sustaining themselves. All of this needs to be provided at an affordable cost, an important consideration for the elderly whose sources of income are fixed and not inflation-adjusted.


                                        Our Founding Principles


  1. ‘No discrimination’ : The Trust is rooted in the equality of all humanity and hence admissions are given to all with no exceptions made for faith
  2. ‘Trusteeship’ : The trusteeship fundamentals elaborated by Gandhi inspire us. The founder and Trustee have offered their talents and time since the Trust’s establishment taking no monetary honorarium 
  3. ‘No Profit No Loss’ : The Trust provides accommodation including meals and cleaning services to around 175 aged currently with the underlying philosophy of ‘No Profit No Loss.’ The aged who stay here are charged nominally and all the contributions are utilized towards variable expenses incurred by the Trust viz. food, utility payments and cleaning services. 
  4. ‘Zero Space Rental’ : One of the key philosophies of the Trust is to offer its premises to elders without charging any rent for the space. For the fixed expenses (construction as well as maintenance of the premises), the Trust relies on donations from the society. Numerous donations are received for various donation schemes in varying quantum to support our cause throughout the year. As a practice, we do not accept requests for donors to directly offer food to our residents. Instead, food/fruit offerings are accepted in our temple and distributed as ‘prasad.’ 
  5. Respecting non-financial forms of capital : We are fortunate to have non-monetary contributions from the society and several individuals as well as organizations contribute non-monetarily through various means – by engaging with our elders through yoga classes, music classes, offering physiotherapy and so on.


The excitement of living every moment separates youth from the old  - Anonymous





Narmada Niketan & Vishram Dham, Plot No. 2, Sector No. 8, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai 400702

Registered Office: 10 Rajshree Palace, Khimji Lane, Ghatkopar East, Mumbai 400 077


Landlines: Narmada Niketan +91 22 2757 1555; Vishram Dham +91 22 2757 8754

Cells: President Bhupatray J. Mehta +91 98209 80590 or Rahul B. Mehta +91 98202 56689